Optimizing CO2 Management for Sustainability and Success

Advanced Solutions in CO2 Recovery and Utilization

Discover cutting-edge strategies for carbon dioxide management tailored to enhance environmental sustainability and monetization through utilization and tax credits.

A Full Range of CO2 Consulting Services

CO2 Source Evaluation

The nature of the services provided cover largely all technical, business, and market questions which may arise in the development of new CO2 projects from all sources today and tomorrow; as well as existing CO2 sources, and downstream applications for the product..The sources assisted by our consulting services include all CO2 source types, which are dedicated to the supply of a (usually refined) carbon dioxide for the merchant trade, as well as (captive/niche) energy-related, and chemical feedstock-related projects. The later niche and captive CO2 projects, can include large or industrial CO2 usage, such as enhanced oil recovery projects, and chemical feedstock requirements for CO2.

Feasibility Studies

Many of our services include various forms of feasibility studies, specific technical, process, product quality, market, and business-related consulting services to the CO2 source or project. The most popular grass – roots CO2 sources today are derived from biogas & fermentation projects; along with many types of chemical, energy, and power generating projects.

We offer customized feasibility studies, of a general or specific nature, which define markets & market intelligence data, plant/project costs & requirements, and related information for a new or existing CO2 project, to include product purity requirements, and all issues related to competitive data in the industry.

CO2 Utilization

For decades, the anhydrous ammonia industry, the high level of ethanol plants built, and reformer sources were the backbone of supply; further supported by natural sources. More recently,  biogas has now gained significant interest due to the RNG value; and of course the need to monetize CO2 and reduce CO2 emissions has come to light. Many other chemical processes and syngas sources contain varying levels of carbon dioxide, which may effectively and economically be recovered and utilized in industry today. Source type, and geography are two key issues which drive a successful CO2 production / utilization project today. In many situations, intelligence data and specific consulting services are provided to CO2 producers/refiners as well.

Market Evaluation

Along with providing a full range of CO2 consulting services, from evaluating CO2 source types, feasibility and costs for recovery and utilization, we provide insight into markets, their value, and definitions. We’ve written CO2 quality specifications for companies in the past, such as Tyson Foods; and new merchant CO2 companies; and my clients are throughout the Americas, and global, including places such as Kenya, The Middle East, Asia, and the Caribbean.

Our Mission

Our mission in part is to reduce emissions via the work we do, however, it is also economic. Paid sequestration via tax credits can be a major source of monetization. 45Q and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) pay the industrial entity, such as ethanol, power plants, ammonia fertilizer, and biogas, to sequester their CO2 into a useful benign product such as advanced fuels, chemicals, or building materials; or underground into geologic structures.

Such includes providing CO2 – related consulting services to evaluate CO2 sources, which can become part of the merchant sale of CO2 to industry in a very wide range of applications from beverage carbonation, to food chilling freezing, preservation; to industrial uses in grain fumigation, to greenhouse atmosphere enhancement of expensive crops like beef tomatoes and cannabis; to other industrial uses, including dry ice pressing and usage, to the metallurgical, chemical, energy, and allied industries. Such work is not that I am selling such CO2, but defining what is available in markets via studies for their CO2, thus this can be sold into such markets by the industrial gas companies or the CO2 emitter which I am providing such feasibility work on a direct basis.

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Years of industry experience ensuring reliable and effective CO2 management solutions.


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Tailored strategies that align with specific business needs and environmental goals.


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Focus on maximizing ROI through innovative, cost-effective CO2 recovery and utilization techniques.


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Commitment to helping clients achieve their sustainability targets through strategic CO2 management.


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Ongoing support and guidance throughout all phases of your CO2 project.


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Strong relationships with key players across industries to enhance service effectiveness and reach.

Impact of CO2 Management

Discover how effective CO2 management can transform industries and the environment.

  • CO2 Recovery Rate 75% 75%
  • Utilization in Enhanced Oil Recovery 60% 60%
  • Reduction in Industrial Emissions 85% 85%
  • Adoption of CO2 Utilization Technologies 50% 50%
  • Feasibility of CO2 Capture Projects 95% 95%
  • Growth in CO2 Market Value 70% 70%