Renewed Interest in Power Plant CO2 Emissions

by | Jun 6, 2024

As a leading CO2 consultant, with over 35 years of experience as a consultant; further backed by years in the merchant CO2 industry, and my background as a chemist, I am uniquely qualified to provide CO2 consulting services to this sector for definitions, evaluations, and work toward bringing a project to fruition in the flue gas /power sector of the industry. I worked for a number of years in the late 80s through mid-90s in the recovery of flue gas from cogeneration projects, when at such time, under PURPA laws, and steam host as the steam part of cogeneration was satisfied by the MEA recovery and concentration of a flue gas stream; and then the product is purified to food and beverage grade quality.

Evaluating options to monetize, or sequester the CO2 often starts with a feasibility study to evaluate the capital and operating costs/requirements for such recovery of CO2 from power flue gas sources, along with evaluating quality issues, markets available within a region surrounding the CO2 source, then evaluating all forms of viable sequestration options. Further, evaluation of wholesale markets, and applications and demands of a unique nature to the region served. Federal or other forms of subsidies may be available, such as 45AQ/IRA. Such work has been the cornerstone of many of today’s merchant CO2 sources or carbon sequestration ventures.

The power sector has often been defined as representing up to 40% of the total global CO2 emissions; in any event, very significant in North America; sometimes defined as over 25% of all emissions in this region of the world – probably much greater. I am here to help you realize the options you seek whether this be making money from CO2 or sequestering the product with tax credit incentives; and defining all the requirements needed to achieve such goals. My work covers all sectors of CO2 emitting sources, including the majors as power production, with the worst offender as coal-fired plants; along with other major sources including a growing biogas market to yield RNG, with a CO2 by-product. Further, sources from the anhydrous ammonia, ethanol, reformer, and chemical industry have been major clients well served over the 30 plus years as a leading CO2 consultant. Please contact my office as your organization considers CO2 recovery, and a reduction of greenhouse carbon emissions.